Render content and Block conflicts - Cancel/Esc should stop the import


I wonder why pasted objects are still imported also if the user press “x” or ESC to cancel the processes. In this cases the user don’t know what happen. @johnc Could you fix this gap please?

There is a little UI issue for the name conflict also. And could the both conflict warning types not be in a same design?



Hi @Micha,

Thanks for the feedback. I have filed a bug report for this issue.

This is actually going to be very difficult to fix because the dialog is displayed part-way through the paste operation and cancelling is not possible at that stage. The fix will require rewriting the whole procedure. Therefore, we can’t tackle this in V7 and it will have to wait for V8.

The Render Content Name Conflict dialog has had a very difficult life. Most people hated it which is why we hid it behind a test command that only a few people know about. Those people that do use it were very specific about how it should work. Originally it was very similar to the Block dialog, with just a few radio buttons and a ‘Do for all’ check box. But some users needed more options. When we added those options, some users said it was too complicated. So the dialog went through many revisions trying to satisfy everyone’s requests and ended up being completely different to the Block one. This design seemed to make everyone happy so this is what we currently have.


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