Please add "DistanceType" to "Soft Edit Surface"

Soft edit surface currently has a U distance and a V distance parameter, which both apparently are in the document’s units.

This is bad if you are attempt to soft edit a surface that has a G1/G2/G3 continuity applied to it, because you might accidentally move and ruin that.

A better solution would be to rather than choosing a distance in units, instead choose a distance in number of control points. Like, a U distance of 2, would be 2 control points on the hull, regardless of how far apart they are.

This would also mean that the soft editing wouldn’t have to be in a rectangular shape, like I believe it currently is, because if the hull is curved, controlling the distance by number of control points would potentially allow a curved soft editing result.

So I propose a new parameter called “DistanceType” that can be switched between “Units” and “PointCount”.

(Parenthesis on why I’m asking for this: That is the way that “proportional editing” in Autodesk Alias works. Alias also has a soft falloff curve shape slider that you can tweak after the fact which is incredibly powerful, but I can ask about that after this first thing has been implemented.) :slight_smile:


I second that request. :slight_smile:

PS: Future Rhino 7 buyer.

Go that, thanks

RH-58922 SoftEdit commands - set falloff by control point count