Soft Edit Surface UV not adjusting

When adjusting U and V in the Soft Edit Surface command, there does not seem to be any change to the U/V extent. Any thoughts here?

Hello - the distance is linear, not a point count, so if your adjustment is not large enough to change the number of control points affected, there will be no change… i.e. Only the control points within the distance of the base point are moved. Does that make sense with what you see?


Pascal, I think my image markup was misleading then. No matter what I set the U and V values to, the result is always the same. Very strange.

Hello -

If the base point for soft editing is the middle green point and U and V distances are both 30, then only the five green points will be affected.


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I see now. Thanks for the clarification! I just need to really crank up the radius for noticeable change in my case. doh!