Soft-edit / proportional editing tutorial?

Specifically, I’m looking for tutorials on how to modify non-symmetrical, non-geometric shapes (because I found some of those, and they’re edge cases that’s useless to me, as I do free-form surface modeling).

Does anyone know of any?

Is it possible to use any soft/proportional editing in Rhino with a view based drag modification? UVN directional modification? Only affect a certain control point selection? Can you soft-edit something that’s matched with history (like tweak G2 rows of control points but not G1, for example)?

I honestly can’t get anything to move in a predictable way (or even at all) so far…

Ok, my troubles stemmed from having 0 in one of the U or V distance options. That stops the soft-edit surface tool from working, apparently. Setting a value to 1 instead makes it work…

Took me a very long time to figure out, since I essentially wanted to do this:


I figured out the first step finally, but I don’t think there’s any falloff control in Rhino?