Plans for PointCloudStyle in Rhino 8?

Hello McNeel folks, I think that the feature of being able to change the size of the points in a point cloud to real geometric units is quite essential for many modeling applications, and the inclusion of this feature in TestPointCloudStyle makes Rhino quite special.

Sadly it seems like this test feature is somewhat broken in Rhino 8 (at least version 2023-10-31), so my team will need to stick to Rhino 7 for now. Any chance that a real PointCloudStyle command is coming soon to Rhino 8? (pretty please!)

_TestPointCloudStyle command works for me in the latest service release and I have no clue what units the size currently is.

Hi Martin, thanks for the message. The command indeed runs but the diameter of the points in the point cloud does not seem to change.

Make sure Enable is set to On…

Hi Martin, Yup I did turn on “Enabled” first. Just checking but are you trying this in Rhino 8? My question is regarding Rhino 8, as that is where the problem is occurring

In Rhino 7 (2023-09-24) we see the expected behavior. Here are two different diameters selected with _TestPointCloudStyle enabled:

In Rhino 8, however, if I open this identical file and go through identical steps, the point cloud diameter size is huge, and does not seem to respond when the diameter value is changed. It seems like a clear bug to me. Also the input to Diameter seems limited to 1e-5, which is quite inconvenient in cases where very small points are being represented.

Yes I’m on Rhino 8

Yea so it would be awesome if we could get physical sizes the points in point clouds (like specifying the diameter to be 1 mm). It’s an important part of many types of workflows

So I would call this feature missing from Rhino 8, as it was present (albeit in test form) in Rhino 7 and worked really well.

Hi Sloan -

I see that you contacted support by mail as well and that this was reported into the system as RH-78714 TestPointCloudStyle no longer works fully in Rhino 8