I’m using TestPointCloudStyle in RhinoWIP6 and it’s great.
I have two PointClouds in one Rhino .3dm project file and would like to give each point cloud different styles (one with 25m diameter boxes and the other with 50m diameter boxes).
I select one point cloud and execute the TestPointCloudStyle command and it changes the point cloud style for both point clouds.
How can i have different point cloud styles for different point clouds?

Hi @Jeff_Witter,

As with all test commands, they are not to be used in production, as they can disappear between releases.

The proper way to assign different “styles” to point clouds it make a new display mode (Tools > Options > View > Display Modes), modify the point style of point clouds, and assign it to the object using the SetObjectDisplayMode command.

Here is an example of two new display modes that are assigned to two different point clouds.

Hope this helps.

– Dale