Control point size issue

Control points for curves and surfaces doesn’t seem to obey the settings for size: Rhino preferences -> display modes -> shaded (or whatever) -> objects -> points. The settings work for point objects though…


Hmm, I don’t see a setting for control point style/size as there is in Windows Rhino…



Yes, it seems to be missing. I see a setting for control point size under point clouds only…


@dan in addition to this, there is another anomaly.

Point clouds display by default as a solid square - even though the display mode setting says “Round with white center”. If you change the dropdown for PointCloud object settings to solid square, the point display - not the point cloud display - changes to solid squares. So somewhere a wire got crossed and the PointCloud point style menu got hooked up to the normal point style display.

The same thing in fact also happens with the PointCloud control point style dropdown - it also changes the point display style.

The size controls for all of these items seem OK, it’s just the styles that are wrong.

This happens both in the V6 release and in the WIP.

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Thanks for reporting this, guys!
I see this here and will get it on the list.

Looks like this one already was on the list - I’ve added comments - RH-53848.
@Helvetosaur, FWIW, I was unable to change the size of control points.