Make point display like pointclouds

is there a possibility to make rhino points appear as tiny as pointcloud points in the viewport?
the smallest i can achieve in the display mode settings is a “solid circle” with “size” set to 1, which is still larger the the points of a point cloud.

Hello - ‘solid aquare’ at one pixel ought to do it, I think.


nope, wont work. see attached screenshot. i am “editing the wireframe settings”.
btw: the pointcloud settings in the screenshot have no effect on the display of the pointcloud.

Yep, I see that… is your display set to 150% in Windows? Just wondering if plain Points is using that. Anyway, I’ll investigate…


yes exactly!

did not think of that. interesting that points and clouds are treated differently here.
so, no possibility for me to change this now (except for setting display to 100%) ??