Project OSnap; Unique setting for each view

Hi there,

I am so many times a day switching between side or top views for modelling. Most times, top and side views require Osnap Projection on, while Perspective and Isometric require it off.
This is because with side and top views, I want to drawn in a flat plane for later extrusion. in Perspective, I mostly want to move elements specifically from a point to another point.

Is it possible to make it such, that each of these views has their independent Project Osnap setting?


yes you can do this via preferences:

options → Modeling Aids → Object Snaps

Project object snaps to CPlane in plan parallel views
set the check box / turn it on

on a mac it s there…
sorry no windows screenshot at the moment.


Thank you so much Tom :))
Works an absolute treat… will save so much time…
And of course the dev team have thought about this haha… others may have experienced this too…


Hi Tom, there’s just one issue with the result.

If I want to change Cplane elevation point when using parallel views, it always projects regardless… Is there a way to assign that object snaps checkbox to a shortcut/macro so I can quickly turn it off temporarily when I want to change the elevation of the parallel cplane?


Dear @jdelavaulx

(workflow 1)
you may want to work with more then one viewport:
start with having the viewport active, for which you want to elevate the cplane.
_cplane _elevation
then use another viewport to set the z-height.

(workflow 2)
if you prefer to do it in one viewport only:
you can free a plan parallel view from its locked state by ctrl + shift + RMB (rotate view)
then do the _cplane _elevation
(above setting is not working now, as you do not look paralle on the cplane anymore)
snap back to the plan either with
_plan command
or by start rotating the view with the RMB, then with rotating / pressing RMB add ctrl + shift to snap back to plan view.

does this do the trick ? kind regards -tom

Rhino 8 Windows:

Hi Tom…

Currently, I like having the project osnaps on parallel views, it’s great. What I wish for is the ability to temporarily disable this option in an active parallel view plane with a shortcut. For example, a macro which toggles “project object snaps to Cplane in plan parallel views” on and off. This would be ideal.


I tried these as macros, but no luck :frowning:
_ProjectOsnapPlan _Toggle

_ProjectOsnapParallel _Toggle

_ProjectOsnapPlanParallel _Toggle

Also, is there a macro command which is able to toggle ‘only snap to selected objects’? That would be awesome.

Hi Jeremy -

! _NoEcho _-Options
_ModelingAids _OSnaps

! _NoEcho _-Options


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Legend Pascal!!

I can start to see patterns on how to do macros myself <3

Thanks a ton


Hi Pascal,

I tried removing the ‘!_’ before the scripts, but the goal is to be able to switch them on and off during an event such as moving or scaling objects.

For example, I want to scale a selection of objects in a complex model, so I want to snap to a corner only from the selection. But when I need to find a destination, I might need to turn off the OnlySnapToSelected option. Can this be done in a macro during a script?


my recommendation to come as close as possible to what you ask: is to work with more then one viewports
changing viewports is possible during a command.
As soon as you need an unprojected snap - do it in perspective

my preferred workflow is to work as much as possible in in Perspektive View, change cplanes - optional with a Alias
_cplane w t (for top)
_cplane w r (for right)

toggle “project” with a Alias as well.

you can unlock a plan parallel view with
Right mouse button + ctrl + shift
and slightly rotate the camera

then do the non-projected snap

then snap the view back with
Right mouse, start rotating, then add the buttons ctrl + shift - view will snap to next cplane.

for the macro questions:
_ is for international language settings - will always use the englisch version
! is to cancel any running commonds.
(not sure if you can edit _options without canceling a running command)

as writtten above - adapt your workflow to what is possible.

kind regards -tom

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