Plan view problem

I’ve problem when try to create plan view a level. I’ve 3 levels - each 4,20 m high.

Durring creating level 1 and level 2 i see plan view from groundfloor (level 0). Do you know why and how solve problem ?

Hi @kozlowski.wojciech.w,

Is it possible that in the plan view properties you have selected “Unlimited” as view depth? If so, please, select Level or Level Below depending on what you need.


ok thx

There is a workaround - I used to place a grid (and section lines) at a level just below the first floor. Then, at layouts, I just add another detail (at the same position as a plan view) showing this “special” level to have visible grid. So, all printouts I have plan views and the same grid. And yes, this is only for printing purposes, it doesn’t work at the model view. More or the less the same way I work on site plan to have it within the single model.
Cheers, Jaro