Plan View in Grasshopper not working

I have created simple VA building objects , and created plan view in GH , but, when I bake it , it is not give correct results , as it shows two levels together , and some times not showing anything , can any one advise pleaseRhino file.3dm (2.6 MB)
plan view (13.0 KB)

Hi @user883,

I couldn’t reproduce the issue, it looks like it is working fine to me:

Plan View

Please, make sure you are using the last VisualARQ version:

If you are still having this problem even updating to the last version, please, let me know and try to send as much information as possible (gif, video, screenshots…)

HI @alfmelbev , thanks for your prompt reply .
I have problem that the plan view showing the walls and slabs for level 0 , and level 1 , if you tried in all floors it shows 2 levels although in plan options I made = 0 (same level only) , can you advise what is the issue . I already using latest VA and Rhino versions .
Rhino file.3dm (10.0 MB)
plan view (15.9 KB)

Hello @user883,

You had some slabs in Level 1 set with their Plan Visibility as “Projection with Overhead”, so that, when you did the Plan View of Level 0, you were seeing the slabs from Level 1. I send you the file back with these slabs in Level 1 changed to Plan Visibility=“Projection”.Rhino file.3dm (9.6 MB)

thanks , it works , but Can I change the visibility parameter for the slab directly from grasshopper ? also what is the benefit of plan depth parameter in grasshopper component in plan view options component ?

Hi @user883,

The visibility parameter cannot be changed for the slab from Grasshopper for now.

This option allows you to decide what you want to show in the Plan View: you can show only the level you are cutting, that level and any object in the level below which you can see projected, everything visible under the level you are cutting or even a custom value.

Hi @user883,

I was wrong, you can change the visibility parameter for the slab from Grasshopper. Please, check the Gh file attached.

Plan (7.1 KB)