Placing a newly created Component Family

Hi, Hopping onto the Inside train from Dynamo, there’s lot of stuff to relearn! :slight_smile:
So, this one I couldn’t get sorted out of the gates. I’ve used the New Component Family component based on some model curves in Revit and it gets imported into the document. However I want it placed exactly where the model lines are located. Any advice as to how I might proceed?
I was wondering about the Add Component component, but there it seems I have to provide a point or line as input.

Josteinberger, When creating the new family it’s origin is 0,0,0. The Add Component component will place it in the same place with a xy plane as its location. Using a plane vs a point allows you to control the rotation & location.

Wonderful, thanks! Looking forward to diving deep into Rhino.Inside! :slight_smile: