Create new component Family, but only visible and not selectable in Revit

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I have a question about Rhino.Inside.
I can’t understand why if creating a a new revit family from a rhino geometry through Rhino.Inside, the geometry/family is only displayed in revit and not automatically exported.
Any tips?

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Hi John, Once created you will then need to Add Component by Location.

Hello dear Japhy, thanks for the answer.

I find the Add Component (by Location) component but I don´t understand the step on how to connect with the geometry/family. Why the component ask the location, the family typ and the Level? All this information does not already exist, as it is already displayed in Revit? sorry for the question

Exist a example file?

The Level is optional, Location and Type are all that is required.

Thanks for the solution Japhy.

I have one more question. Is also possible to add to the new Family the IFC-Parameters (always through the components of Rhino.Inside), or is it possible to manage them only in Revit?

One Off-Topic: how do you get component names to appear in text, into the canvas? :smiley:

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There are Rhino plugins for managing IFC parameters, but its pretty easy once your objects are in Revit to Export to IFC.

That is the sunglasses plugin

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