Place the created family instance into an assigned position

Hi, I generate some model in the “rhinoinsiderevit”.
And these models are shown in the project brower, like below.
So how can I generate the “Generic models” in an assigned position (like x,y,z).

Hi Shihang,

Please note that the Rhino.Inside and Revit have Forum categories. Most GH users won’t be familiar with the processes. I’ve changed the category of your post.

Please see our Guide for getting started on the fundamental workflows

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Note that when creating a Revit Family you will want your Rhino Geometry to be in a similar position Rhino {0,0,0} = Revit Family {0,0,0}, then add your family type by location.

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Hi Japhy, thank you for your advice.
Your solution has inspired me a lot.

Hi, I’ve build a .dy file.
However, the box is still just loaded in the project brower, instead of the 3d view. (8.2 KB)

Your definition worked as expected here. The only difference is you specified a template. Right click on you New Box in the Revit Browser and select all instances.

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Hi, I’m a little confused.
After I clicked the “in entire project”, it still didn’t display in the 3d view.

It works! Thank you very much!

I guess this button should be cliked.
The default one is “Off”.

Shihang, When your Add Component Location turns black that means it successfully completed a transaction. Your New Box should be in the document. Did you have any success by right clicking the family type in the Project Browser and Select All Instances?

Its good to be aware of what state the Element Preview is in. In large definitions it will increase computational time.

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