Pixelated gradient path

pixelated gradient pathway.3dm (16.1 MB)
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Hello everyone,
I am trying to create a pattern that tiles starts from the edge of the surface and while tiles approach the curve are gradually removed following the path of the curve created a kinda gradient pattern that follows a curve.
Through several tutorials I managed to create an algorithm that only when the tiles are next to the curve , are removed. I think that I need something like a slider from 1.00 to 10.00 saying that when the slider goes up, the tiles should me removed by 50% (for example if the the slider will be 5).
I don’t know if makes sense :grimacing:

GRID.gh (25.2 KB)

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thanks mate, I really appreciate it! another question, is any possibility to make this fade effect more specific? Like the image below?

I ve managed to make it looks like this so far

I apologise if I am asking for too much! I really approcieat your help :slight_smile:

Floyd–Steinberg dithering - Wikipedia this looks like a kind of dithering

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I feel like this one is not following a specific pattern as the image on black and white above :roll_eyes: Looks like a different approach!

If you apply Floyd Steinberg dithering to a linear gradient you’ll get a regular pattern. It’s a bit contradictory that you want a regular pattern on a pixel grid to follow a curve. Do a search on dithering and you’ll find variations. You might even find your source image again :grin: I wonder if you could use wave function collapse to arrange 3x3tiles Wave Function Collapse - has anyone done it with Grasshopper?

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if you’re looking for a more “random” culling pattern, I would go for something defined by *distance → probability

this old post has examples and links on the topic

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