Gradient density frit pattern using Image Sample + Culling


I am brand new to Grasshopper, just learned it. I am trying to create a gradient grid pattern where the density on one end is 40%, and 1% on the other end. This would be for a 49"x49" panel. I’d been trying using the graph mapper because it seems to give some flexibility in the way the fade is happening, but it doesn’t appear to be able to give me accurate max/min spacing.

This time around, I’m working backwards using Image Sampler to cull points on a pre-made grid. I’ve gotten it to work it regular images, but for some reason, if I put in a simple gradient, the results returned are not what I would expect - the fade goes sideways instead of up and down. I don’t quite understand how the Image Sample works and why it’s returning such different information when other images seem to work just fine. Can anyone explain?

Also, if anyone has thoughts on how to better achieve the gradient, please let me know!


Here is the file thus far:
Frit (217.5 KB)

This is an image that works:

This is the image of the gradiant that I was hoping to make the points mimic, but isn’t working:

I’m also realizing that my current setup only returns a yes/no for the whole image. What I want is a different degree of culling based on the brightness value. Is that even possible?

Have a look at the attachment. This method is more like a geometrical solution, but it can be more easily adjusted by a combination of culling and point population.
And you can also find an old example from my blog post.

Frit (101.1 KB)