Picture frame images and materials do not display

Laptop will not display image when I place a picture frame or when I place a texture on a surface . I have tried on another laptop and it works fine. Why is there a difference? The same problem occurs in all display modes.

Hi Richard- it’s possible the machine has graphics support that is not up to the display in Rhino - At the very least, update the video drivers to the most recent. Just to make sure, open Rhino Options > View > OpenGL page and see what that tells you about the video card that Rhino thinks you have… is that what you expect? Some cards can be set to use lower quality graphics to save power - these must be set to ‘high perfomance’ in order for Rhino to make use of the better hardware - this is set in the controls for the card itself, not Rhino, though the ‘use accelerated hardware modes’ check box should be set in the OpenGL page I mentioned.


This is the solution we came up. Don’t know if it’s ideal but it seems to work. Sorry about the poor image. Thank you for pointing us in the right direction.

Hi Richard - hmmm -that is not an ideal solution - generally you’ll want to use hardware acceleration if possible - what does the info show if the top checkbox is checked?