Picture Frame Image Distortion

When I open my Rhino file on my laptop the image is white and I have to go to the options and uncheck and then recheck “use accelerated hardware modes” box and then “RefreshAllTextures” to get the image to show up, but then if I move my mouse at all the picture moves. It seems that the graphics card is distorting the image across the picture frame when attempting to scroll or move around in any viewport.

Hi Miranda - what is the video card on your machine, and are the drivers up to date?


Is my graphics card insufficient to run rhino?

That is the Microsoft “setup” driver. That’s the problem.
Normally that is only used to install Windows itself.

Figure out what your graphics chip really is.
Then download and install the current driver for it and your version of Windows.
Since it’s a laptop, you’ll most likely have to get the drivers from the laptop maker’s Web site.