Picture Frame is Blank

Hi, when I try to import a jpg or bmp or png, the picture does not show up! When I render it however, it does show up. I just want a picture so I can trace the image.

Any help is appreciated.

There is probably a video driver or configuration problem.
Please go into Rhino Options - View - OpenGL, and take a screenshot of the settings on that page.
Please post the image in a reply.

Here it is!

Been on a couple forums, not sure why, but my opengl page looks kinda different from other peoples. Not sure what is wrong. Thanks for any help though~

Hi Akuma- what is your machine like? What video card, Windows version?



By any chance are you running Rhino on Parallels or another VM option?

That’s the problem.
You are running MIcrosoft “Setup” drivers.
Your computer is not properly configured and setup. This usually happens with brand new computers.
First, run Windows Update multiple times until it reports there are no more “Important” updates.
Then identify the make and model of your graphics card.
If this is a Desktop computer, go to the card maker’s Web site and find the current WHQL certified drivers for your version of Windows. Download and install them.
IKf you’re on a laptop, you’ll most likely need to get the video driver from the laptop maker instead as most of the time they tweak them to extend battery life.

Good luck


Hi Pascal,

My machine is windows 7 I believe.

Hi John,

I’m going to give it a shot! Thanks so much.

Just for giggles, try running this in Rhino… RefreshAllTextures

I’m on a fairly loaded tower setup and my picturframes will go blank sometimes. Usually, RefreshAllTextures will bring them back.

Good luck!


Hi James,

thanks! It didn’t work for me, but appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:

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Hi John, this solved it. Thank you so much. Is there a way for me to mark this as the solution?


Simple solution,
First image open in paint and resize by pixel more than 1000 pixel and save file.
Now open in rhino.