Picture Frame command loading image as BLACK?


I am new to Rhino with only a few projects under my belt and am having issues loading a large, high resolution .jpg using the PictureFrame command. I have tried resizing my image to 7 different sizes in Photoshop and keep getting the same result. The image loads as black every time.

I am wondering if there is a maximum size .jpg before it will just load things as black?

I need to load this .jpg a minimum of 150 dpi in order to see the lines that need to be traced. The image I need to load into Rhino is 5600x7280.

Is this doable? Is there a chance I am doing something wrong?

First make sure your jpeg is in RGB and not CMYK.
If that doesn’t help then you can try and crop (or resize) the image to say 2000x2000 and work your way up to see how large images your system handles. It’s possible you ran out of graphiccard memory.

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Awesome, Thanks! I will try that out.

replying to this thread to ask if there’s any workaround for doing extremely high-res images in Rhino 6? I am working from several scans with a lot of detail and can’t sacrifice the downscaling, and don’t particularly want to spend a lot of time chopping each of the images up. Is this purely graphics card dependent?

Hello - I believe Rhino down-samples very large images on its own. I’d chop…
Ah - that was a Windows answer, I do not know if Rhino for Mac handles things the same way.


I regularly load images that are 16,0000 x 5,000 into Rhino Picture Frames. Things slow down considerably.

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I know this is late, but I just ran into this problem. If you “RefreshAllTextures” it should re-render the image. I don’t know how this affects materials but just thought id add it. Hope this helps some

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Thanks a lot, RefreshAllTextures worked for me! You just saved me a lot of hassle.