Jpeg import blank

Import the jpeg thru pictureframe command and size it but image is not there only a black surface. Can you help.
I found the link below but when the person finds the solution he doesn;t tell anyone else.

Two possible culprits:
1/. Image pixel count is greater than your video card can handle.
2/. Image is CMYK not RGB.

Either way, a trip to photoshop is the answer.

I had a similar problem and it took forever to figure out. JPGs can only ‘legally’ be RGB. If they are not, it can crash an app, like when you are rendering or doing similar operations.

Unfortunately, Photoshop will let you change JPGs to CMYK and many students do this accidentally / not knowing the difference. Heads up! JPGs want to be RGB. Don’t change it!

Is this happening on-screen, or when you print? Also, can you see the image before you resize it?