Perforated Panel - Waves

It has been a while since I have used Grasshopper and I would like to create a panel similar to the attached image, using 10mm circles. I’d like this to be parametric so I can adjust panel length/height. I can recreate something similar but using an image smaller which changes the hole sizes. I need to use a uniform hole punch. Any ideas, starting points?

No effort at all? :frowning:

Cutting thousands of holes can take a lot of time. 1.3 minutes for 6868 holes below.

And getting holes evenly spaced instead of using uneven isocurves on a rippled surface requires extra work, as does avoiding half holes on the edges (not done here).

Hi Joseph, thank you for helping. I did try some attempts but they were not worth sharing as I’m very rusty.

What you have shown looks great but this is not what I am trying to achieve. The panels need to be flat but the holes make the appearance that it is wavy, through the density/closeness of the circles. I don’t think there is a mathematical way to do this, I tried a sine curve and moving each line but that doesn’t work, unless there is a way to do it with an image sampler using a gradient of waves and some form of attractor.

I have tweaked the design to use a gradient input and this seems to work for what I am trying to achieve.

looks great, but not exactly: