Punch holes in a surface with Grasshopper

I need some help for my parametric panels
I have created panels with all bending’s needed but as an additional i would need some holes now added to some of the surfaces, which i am struggling to get it done.

I need to add Holes based from one side of a triangular panel to to 2 opposite sides.

I have attached some screen sot of the generated panel with holes i have manually made in Rhino, but i need these to be done within the panel creation code in GH.

Also attached the GH code and 3.dm for the curve needed.

I would be very happy if someone could help me out on this.

Thanks in advance.


Sample Panel Creation_code.gh (12.2 KB)
Sample Panel.3dm (83.3 KB)
Sample Panel_Hole dimensions.pdf (29.6 KB)

Sample Panel Creation_code_re.gh (19.9 KB)

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Hi HS_Kim,

thank you very much for your very fast reply.
Looks very good and works. Thanks a lot.

Will try to implement this into my work and hope it will work as I indented.


Hi @HS_Kim ,

i have tried it on my work, but I get error when i try it on more than one panel.
I need to have these holes in a series of panels which are not all flat, but in a curved arrangement.
If you get the time, would you be so kind and have a look at the attached, where i show the arrangement of the holes on the panel series. The holes always need to be at the vertical side of the panels.
Also if i do more that one panel, i get a error in the code about the surface plane check.
I have attached all things again.

i have tried already few things but it is not working in any way i have tried.

I would be very thankful if you could kindly look at my problem.

Thank you very much in Advance.

Cheers, KaiPanels with holes.3dm (814.9 KB)
Panels with holes_01.pdf (25.7 KB)
Sample Panel Creation_code_re.gh (20.8 KB)

Sample Panel Creation_code_reV2.gh (18.9 KB)



that was super fast, thank you so much.
I will ty to include this tomorrow to my project and hope I am able to take it from here.
Im very grateful for your kind support.

I hope one day I will be just half as much of support for someone else with some questions like me now.

Thank you so much and wish you a great day/evening.
Very much appreciated.



Hi @HS_Kim ,

I have run the code over the full project and I get some bad result.
If i have used my original code ( without the holes ) all panels are created properly with all bendings in the correct way.
Now with the holes added into the code, the bendings are not anymore perpendicular on most panels, some have no c-bends anymore, and also the holes are only on few panels added.

I have attached my original code again as per which all panels are created correctly as per geometry, but without any holes.

Is there any chance you could have a look where the bug is happening with the inclusion of the holes?

I also have later some similar walls to do, but with different overall length and panels in width.
Would that also affect the code if the quantity of the panels and panel rows is changing by adding the holes?

Sorry to bother you so much, but I am out of ideas why this happens.

Thanks a lot in Advance and hope you could be able to help me.

2021-09-30_Panels with holes.3dm (8.7 MB)
Sample Panel Creation_code.gh (12.2 KB)
2021-09-30_Panels with holes_not correct executed.pdf (2.6 MB)



You’ve already acknowledged that your original definition has the data-tree problem in your third post and I’ve provided a new version for that in my second post, so, why are you trying to apply your original def. to your most intensive new datatree problem and asking me about your original def?

Here’s my take(and probably the last) on this using the definition in my second post.

Sample Panel Creation_code_reV3.gh (43.4 KB)


Hi @HS_Kim ,

Thank you for your reply and solution.

I am sorry I gave you the impression that i wanted to apply again my original version, i just mentioned that all panels where coming out with all parameters as intended with that.

With the implementation of the solution shown from you, these bending’s were not executed in perpendicular way anymore and i got confused on this.

Im sorry if i might have got something wrong or gave wrong impression to you, but it was not my intention to annoy anybody here.
Unfortunately I am working only since short time with GH and have not the most extensive knowledge in this so far, but im trying to learn and doing my best to cope.

Thank you very much again for your help and kind support, its very much appreciated.

I wish you a good evening and saying thanks again for your support.