Perforation questions in GH

Hi all! I am struggling to understand how I can have this type of Gradient perforation on a panel (the one with the vertical perforations)

And also is this wave effect cause of a gradient or is the actual panel that is wavy ?
if is the gradient that is responsible for the effect of the wave how can I achieve this in GH ?
thank you !

I think you should give it a go yourself first. I mean, the grasshopper primer has a tutorial on this kind of thing. No offence, but this feels like one of those ‘can you do my homework for me’ tasks. I mean, give it a go yourself first and let us know when you run into problems.

Thank you I was hoping for a lead like that!
I am just lost and don’t know where to start to be frank as all the reliable learning resources are gated by priced tutorials

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