Perforation on irregular plane

Hi everyone,
Doing a panel for fabrication purpose. It’s a perforated metal panel with 40mm margin and staggered circle pattern with opening percentage of 23, 35 and 51 % .
Quick question, can you do that with grasshopper and give a crisp edge ? Meaning the circle would stop at the edge and not go over/cross it ?


Did this in Autocad, but took way too long .

I would like to be able to adjust the distance between the holes precisely if that is possible and all ??

Thanks a lot guys.
TEST panel.3dm (48.7 KB)

I think this is what you want. I don’t know how you achieve the opening percentage (do you change the spacing? the hole radius? both?) (17.2 KB)

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Love you man, it’s such a good starting point for me. :))

This website has a good range of templates for autocad as a starting point to understand opening percentage.

You keep the holes radius the same, I will post the results when i got home.

Oh, I didn’t notice the pattern was hexagonal.
as for the percentage, I calculated is based on a triangle cell
(on each triangle, you have half a hole, so the percentage is the half the hole are divided by the triangle area. and from that I find the triangle edge length. (18.0 KB)

Played around with the margin value and got this awesome looking panel.
One question though, I know that the circles would not sometimes meet the edge perfect , it meets on one side but not the other. Is it possible to set the values so that the holes will be perfectly inside the shape ?

191021_Panel_create.3dm (6.1 MB) (23.4 KB)


yes, In my definition I regarded it as a ‘texture’ so didn’t bother to align it to the border (the same btw applies vertically, it’s just not visible because of the irregularity of the edge)
But it’s simple math. I bet you can do it by yourself. If you try and fail, I will help you!
(we don’t help lazy people here!) :slight_smile: