Image sampler problems!

Hey! I’m a new Grasshopper user and I’m having trouble using the image sampler tool to generate a perforated surface with circles using a non square image. All of the tutorials and guides I’ve seen on doing this do it with a square image and I’m using a rather long rectangle, I would like for the whole picture to be displayed in the panel, or at least be able to choose a certain square of it.

I’ve got this as a reference for those who would like to help.

This is the picture I’m using as reference:

I actually have to do one of these this week as well.

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I’m gonna try tweaking this one, maybe I’ll get a good result. For now I got this working (but in a square shape only) and plan to use it as the standard tile for the panel.

Maybe this could also help:

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Here is a R6 version of Joseph’s script. (128.1 KB)

Gotcha, thanks. Now my next step is to actually “imprint” those circles into an editable 3D surface, how do I achieve that?

There is a planar surface in the definition. You can cull the edge holes (or not) and its practically ready to cut (cnc/laser/water jet)

Hey, got it! Thanks a lot everyone.