Penguin for Rhino 6?


Now that the Rhino 6 beta version has been released, I am just wondering what the timeline is for Penguin?



As the beta is out and the SDK is frozen, we can start to create the Rhino 6 version. No timeline right now until we know what’s needed. In a few days we will be able to give you more info.

Any update? Today I buy Rhino 6.
If I buy Penguin work with Rhino 6?

Hi @fran,

any news on this? I sell Rhino 6/Flamingo/Penguin/Bongo bundles. What to say customers about Penguin delivery?



We are solving the last bugs of the Rhino 6 version. It should be out in two or three weeks.



Are there any news about Penguin for Rhino 6?
I’ve updated from RH5 and the Penguin 2 SR 4 doesn’t want to be installed on RH6.

Please, news?

I’ve already sold 8 sheets Rhino 6 full bundle.
What can I say to the customers how soon Penguin applies to Rhino 6?

It will be available next week, probably Tuesday.


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Penguin 2 for Rhino 6 is available to download. While we modify the website links, you can download it from:

EVAL 64 bit:

EVAL 32 bit:

RELEASE 64 bit:

RELEASE 32 bit:



Hi @fran,

please can you take a look at this link:



Definitely 404 here…

In the context of the 404 error, are the links above share by @fran the workaround for customer installs ?

Jean P.

The 404 link is removed. All the download links should work now.

Hi @fran,

this link is the penguin 2 download link for customers, which we have sent the last years.

Have you redirected it? It is still buggy here.

Thanks and happy easter


Should be this:


The link was at the home page of Penguin, but now has changed. The new link is the one Mitch posted.

Hi @fran

Thanks for providing penguin 2 for rhino 6.
Pls check out these discussions for user feedback and improvement suggestions.

hello do you work in PINGUIN 3.0 , new updates