How can I set some default parameters & settings?

Thanks @LeslieDeanBrown for raising this point and @Rodri for the explanation.

I am araid I have to insist that this approach to handle background settings is inconsistent with other rhino render settings (all OpenGL display modes, cycles, rhino render) and incompatible with my or my colleagues way of using any render pipeline.
In the majority of cases my team members open files created by other team members. Nobody would care about penguin settings at the time of creating a new file. Eventually the settings would only be relevant for a fraction of files and user often wouldn’t know in advance.

Having to change these settings over and over again makes me reconsider my intention to purchase penguin2. It just feels too stupid.
(I have a pen1 licence and am trying the demo of pen2 atm)

Can you please consider including these parameters into the application setting.
And also please include to settings for anti-aliasing quality.

Generally speaking, I am eager to know, if you consider incorporating user feedback. Leslie has raised a number of other improvements suggestion every single one of which I highly support.

Do you plan on making an user-centered interface overhaul of penguin 2?
I’d love to know because I seriously believe that penguin could be a lot better product with a better interface/ user experience (without changing the core features in the first place).

Speaking of storing parameters: Here is another improvement suggestion:
When I edit a user-created penguin style, is there a way to save these changes to an •existing• style?
My user experience:

  • I open penguin style settings
  • the pulldown-menu doesn’t show an entry (although I am looking at the settings of the last edited style)
  • do change of parameters that I would like to save in an existing style
  • I hit the save button
  • a dialog appears and allows me to enter a name
  • I enter the •exact• same name of my already created style
  • I hit save
    (Normally the application would ask me if I am sure to overwrite the existing style)
  • mission accomplished

Is this just me or would you agree there should be an easier way?
Just make the behavior constistent with named views, layer states, etc.

In general, just make penguin interface consistent with basic user interface guidelines. It feels like from the nineties, when every software GUI was doing it “their own way”. Atm (and as always since v1) penguin feels arkward to use to me because it violates the basic rules of consistent user experience design in several instances. Plus in some cases the interface is just buggy (as Leslie pointed out and I can confirm).

I achieved some great results today with the demo version, like the product in general and see significant demand for NPR in rhino. Just got freaked out by the interface again.

Looking forward for your feedback.