My suggestions for Penguin update/development

I’ve only had it a few days, but for what it’s worth, here’s how I think Penguin could be even better. @Rodri @fran
I’m an illutrator as well as a designer, so yes I am fussy. Most of it has to do with the user interface:

  • Make it 100% compatible with 4/5k screens. Right now some of the user interface icons don’t line up correctly.

  • Easier adjustment of parameters. Right now it is harder than it should be to change the values. I.e. make it so you can enter the numbers with the numpad, without having to use the up/down arrows. Half the time when I enter a line thickness, it won’t allow the number to be entered.

  • Make it so that the options for borders, creases and silhouettes appear all at once in the options menu. Because right now, I keep having to select ‘borders’ and ‘creases’ on the drop down menu. It always defaults to silhouettes. Why? Wouldn’t it be better to default to the last used line type?

  • Bigger preview window/icon.

  • Eliminate the aforementioned bug.

  • It would be very nice to have like a transparency option for all line types. That way penguin users could create some very cool watercolour effects.

  • It would nice to be able to select a minimum radius of curvature as well as a threshold angle for creases. That way, tiny line details can be excluded where necessary. Why have this? For example, I love the thick lines penguin can generate, but they tend to appear [sometimes too] frequently in the smaller details, while not appearing on larger details (because creases have less ‘angle’ or larger curves).

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My impression is that there is no penguin development anymore. I’m wrong?

you are not wrong…it has not been in active development for some time now. Ideally I’d like to see it be rolled into either a viewport mode like the new raytraced mode in v6 or added into a product like flamingo, but these decisions are above my pay grade :wink:


Hola Adan! Some suggestions for Penguuin’s future development ;-)!