Penguin installer not recognising Rhino 7

I’m hoping someone might be able to help with a particular issue I’m having…

Note that I have educational licenses for both Rhino7 and Penguin 2 through my University which are attached to my Cloud Zoo account. I have spoken to my University technician and he is also stumped on this.

I’m downloading the installer for Penguin via: (the release page)
When executing the installer, it returns the following error code:

There’s a few things I’ve tried:

  • Removing then re-adding my Rhino login via CheckInLicense command
  • Running windows compatibility to see if that’s the issue
  • Double checking my licences through the online portal, they are definitely there!
  • Installing via the link given next to my licence. However, as Penguin is now deprecated the link is no longer available.

As much as I would be happy not to use Penguin and use the built-in renderer, it is taught and utilised throughout my course and in industry (from what I’m told), so I would ideally have it installed on my local machine.

Any ideas?
Thanks :slight_smile:

As the Penguin installer states in parenthesis, it is a 32 bit app. Rhino 5 was the last version of Rhino that was 32 bit. Rhino is now only 64 bit so Penguin is not compatible with versions later than 5.

If your instructor is telling you to install Penguin you should discuss the situation with him (her).

Thank you for the reply!

I was also thinking this might be the problem, however, we have Penguin installed on the lab computers on Rhino 7 so there must be a 64bit version somewhere. Prehaps this version was available on the old website before Penguin was deprecated?

@wim @John_Brock Perhaps one of you can help out Samuel??

After dropping McNeel support an email, they have provided me with the 64 bit version of Penguin 2 which works successfully with Rhino 7.

I’m unsure as to what the restrictions on files I can post on this forum are, but if anyone else is finding difficulty I would advise doing the same.

Thanks AIW for your help :slight_smile: