Pen Display Style

I’m sure this is something very simple but I’m trying to create a Pen style that doesn’t have that paper background. So I make a copy of Pen and for background I choose Solid Color. When I do that my geometry disappears.

Any thoughts on what I should do?

I just tried that and it works fine.
When you say you made a copy of Pen, did you select Pen and use the Copy button on Options > View > Display Modes?

That’s what I did, then changed the background to Solid color - Lavender.
It works fine here.

Thanks for the reply.
I’ll have to play around with the settings to try to nail down what’s happening.
The attached image is Pen to the left and Copy of Pen to the right. I went into Display styles and copied the Pen style and then changed the background to color and chose white.

I can see part of your model but not all of it.
I also don’t see the light yellow background color of the default Pen background image on the left as I expected.
There must be more going on here.

Try this:
Start a new file.
Draw a box
Set one viewport to Pen and another to your copy of Pen.

Do they look right then?

Okay, so this is strange (or maybe not)

The issue is in the Print dialogue. When Print is set to Vector the geometry shows in the Pen detail but not the Copy of Pen detail. But when I set Print to Raster the geometry shows up in both details.

Not clear why changing the background would have that effect but that’s what I’m seeing here.

The first image is two details, the left set to Pen, the right set to Copy of Pen and Raster selected.
The second image is the same but with Vector selected.