Pen Display Mode

I’ve been using pen display mode a lot lately. Is it possible to include transparency? If I toggle shade objects I get transparency but everything gets shaded. I’ve attached a screen shot of the display mode.

I’ve done a quick photoshop version of what I’m trying to achieve.

I have been wondering the same thing.

Is it significant that the thick box on the left doesn’t have the rearmost box edges showing through in your photoshop version?

Nope I was just sloppy and failed to draw those lines.

Not really since the display mode is mostly OpenGL “trickery” based.
About the closest you could get would be to turn on Shading and set a transparency. Here’s 50% with “Shade objects” turned on:

this example, and many other ones that I achieve for presentations in photoshop (they are not always the same) makes me think that it would be great to have a “composite viewport” where you can see layered different viewmodes and you can tweak the transparency and blending style (multiply, overlay, dodge, burn, hue…) of the various displaymode layers.

Think of the crazy awesome reatlime presentations we could do with this!


You can layer details with different display modes in the layout view.

yeah, but only to stack on top of each other at full opacity right? There’s no way to end up with a composed look made out of combining different layer passes, unless I missed something.