Problem with Display mode

Hi, I tried to create a display mode with shaded mode.

However, the shaded mode does not have the option to turn on the intersections.

The Pen mode has the option to turn on the intersections but unable to show the lines hidden behind transparent objects(such as glass).

So I wonder if there’s a way to combine the two modes and make it display both the lines behind transparent objects and intersections.

Attached are some pictures to better demonstrate the problem.

If anyone can help me, thank you a lot!!!

something like this?

Transparency v5.ini (10.5 KB)

Hi Ian - yeah, that looks like a limitation in Pen. Curves are also not shown either - I guess for now one way out would be to Intersect the objects to get curves and then use the shaded version.


Nope…Not hidden lines.
Thanks anyway.

Thank you! I guess I’ll have to manually do the intersections.
Thanks again. Kindly hope that this problem be fixed in the future!