Pen Display View Mode and Object Display Mode

To make a 2D drawing for instructional purposes I am experimenting with Layouts. I want to display the whole assembly in Pen display mode, and highlight an object in Shaded display mode. Here is a picture of 3 Layout details, left in Shaded view mode, right in Pen view mode, and the one in the middle in Pen view mode with the top object changed to Shaded display mode with _SetObjectDisplayMode :

As you can see, the object (by layer) color is visible for the complete object, while part of it should be obscured by the other objects in Pen mode. Now this is not necessarily a bad thing for my purpose, but it is surprising. The other thing which I definitely cannot use is that the hidden edges of the object become visible, contrary to the normal display in Shaded view mode. What is not very clear from this picture is that the surface edges changed to the Rhino default mode, while I have customized the Shaded view mode to have single color black edges (note that this popped up in an earlier issue with printing that I reported which has now been resolved. Sorry I never replied to your last post in that thread @dan…)

Anybody any thoughts on how I can achieve my goal? Are there any bugs involved or is this just inherent to Pen view mode?


I do not know if I understood correctly but see if this can help.
I extracted the upper surface of the blue box and hid the rest.
Then I set in Layout mode visulaizzazione as a “pen” and semi-transparent for the blue rectangle (set object attributes mode)

@Zsimon: Thank you for the suggestion, but I need something less involved because I need to make many Layout Details with successive assembly steps. And your solution works in this case since the rest of the object in question is hidden behind other objects, and I need it to work as well where it is only partly hidden.


Hi Max - I think the short answer is that since the ‘technical’ based modes use a different display pipeline from shaded etc., they will never mix in a completely predictable way in a single viewport.


Pascal, that is more or less what I meant with “inherent to Pen view mode”. Too bad, but not to worry.