PDFs Merge - ShapeDiver

Hi, I’m having some problems with PDFs Merge component.

I have multiple PDF pages, and when i use the PDFs merge comp. the export looks fine, everithing works. But then, if i recompute the model (by right click “recompute”), the PDFs merge component fail as you can see in the image

The error “Cannot save a PDF document with no pages”, but if you look to the input, there are pages.

This error is the same when i upload to shapediver platform.

Thanks for your help!

Could you please let us know which version of Rhino and the ShapeDiver plugin you are using (including if you are using Rhino for Windows or Mac)?

Rhino 8 and ShapeDiver 1.17.3 Windows

Hi @Manuel2 ,

I was not able to reproduce this issue. What are you using in the template? Please send a minimum example of where this error occurs.

Hi Edwin,

Attached my reduced version.

As you can see, when i create a “merge pdf” component it works only the first time, but then, when i recompute it fails.

Reduced version.gh (10.6 MB)

Thanks for your help !

Hi @Manuel2,

This is definitely an issue that needs to be reviewed. However, you can do this workaround, which fixes it (Red arrow is how you should not do it, green arrow is how you should do it):