Few bugs/changes (?) experienced since using V7

Hi all,

I’ve been using Rhino v7 for a day now, and I’ve come across a few bugs. First off, when exporting to pdf it doesn’t save with the resizing I chose, and it also doesnt show the options for position (move the whole pic left/right up/down)

Also when I boolean 2 objects, and then use merge all coplanar faces, it doesnt generate a new mid point but just gives the old midpoints and endpoints.

I’m not sure whether that last thing is an option I need to (dis)able?

Overall very happy though!

Thank you!

Hello -

this is also the case in V6. I’ve given the developer a nudge to see if we cannot fix it - it is a pretty complicated and far reaching fix, from what I understand.

PDF scaling is not working as I expect either, right at the moment.
Nope, I take that back - it seems correct.


I have never experienced problems with this in rhino 6, hence why I noticed it in v7