PDF import Annotation displays as squares

Scratch that, I’ll do some testing tomorrow.

In Options > Annotation, uncheck the option for enabling Layout scaling.

Any better?

I just did some tests with the latest SR but same issue:
As you can see the text reads in as a “square” in Rhino:

And the same PDF in acrobat:

I sent you the PDF in a PM.

Note that this PDF also has one or more objects that messes my Rhino up. If you select a few gray objects and run SelColor then it quite quickly selects all gray lines (42.000) and if you hit HIDE then it takes for ever for Rhino to hide them. (So long that I had to terminate Rhino) Running Invert also froze Rhino for me. So maybe a bad hatch or something, but I think Rhino should be able to detect these objects on import and skip them. Take a look and see if you get the same behaviour.


So far, this PDF is an absolute mess.
Loads of duplicate objects and each thing that looks like a dimension is a stacked up pile of multiple text object.

It won’t even open in V5.
This looks like multiple problems and will take a while to dig through.

I’ve created a YouTrack item for this.
Since your PDF is in it, the YT items is not public.

I can’t figure this one out.

PDF’s tend to break down text into smaller patches and here the pdf exporter (not rhino) must have broken it down into letters. But Acrobat manages to sort it out, so it can’t be a total mess after all.
And I can select the text in acrobat too:

Thanks for looking into it. It represents part of my daily struggle so it will be great to have Rhino handle it properly.

It’s on @stevebaer’s list:

Here is another PDF where the text doesn’t load:
(Try page 2)

1168-MIO-LA-SH-001.pdf (201.9 KB)

It’s excellent that it can read multiple pages and also handles images though!

Thanks! I’ve added that example to the pile.
It looks like this might be difficult and time consuming to fix.
It’s certainly on the list but it may be a while.
At this point, I don’t have a work-around.
I can’t tell if a different font would work but that’s my guess, as boxes generally are what are displayed when there is an undefined character.

I just tested the fix in the V7 WIP.
As expected, it was a case of bad font characters with self intersecting boundary curves, so the PDF generator gave up. The developer cooked up some magic to create good curves from crappy characters and it works well now.

This fix will be in the next WIP probably next week.

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You say it will be in the WIP, so will it make it to V6 (for production) anytime soon too?

I believe so, yes. I tested it in the Mac and V7 WIPs, but the code changes were checked into V6, the V7 WIP and into Mac V6.

I had this issue for a while. Lately, my workaround is to change the font with a system known one (with Illustrator, InkScape or Affinity Designer(the one I used)).
I guess the font has to be in the windows font folder.
My bet is that pdf can embed font but rhino won’t try to import it.

I hope it is the same code for Illustrator importer. It has similar issues.

Note : In Designer I select all objects, change the font without changing the size and export.

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Nice, I’ll try that. And @John_Brock maybe Rhino could detect «missing» fonts and ask to replace them with the defalt Rhino one?

I’m not sure how it was fixed but it was, and tested. I know it’s in the V7 WIP. I don’t know when it will show up in V6.
If you have a file PDF with the problem now, try it in the V7 WIP and see if it’s fixed for you there.
More testing is always helpful.