Importing PDF skips text

I see that Rhino often skips texts when importing PDF’s, are there anything that can be done to fix that?
Import texts are toggled on.
I sometimes get a warning that the font used can’t be used, but then it would be nice if Rhino used the default text instead.

Hei Jørgen -
I’ve just tested a fix for something like that.
Because of [reasons], we didn’t publish a new WIP this week.
If you can share a PDF, I can check if the text gets in…

Excellent. The PDF at hand is a huge one, I’ll send you a PM with a link.
It becomes massive since the PDF printers divide hatches up into tons of triangles, each with a bounding curve.

I get Could not find embedded font "Helvetica" on the command line and the font is changed to Arial.
But all text is imported (and you can also see some text that is hidden under hatches in the PDF file).

There are about 400 000 objects in the file, and that gets a bit slow, yes.
A quick test to explode same-color hatches into surfaces to join and simplify those shows that the hatches are partly overlapping, so there’s no quick fix…