ReEdit: More issues- Draworder when PDF print

Guys, what is taking you so long in fixing the draworder print thing?
I can not stress enough how important it is to be able to rely on production tools and when my VIEW looks OK and my LAYOUT looks OK and my PRINT PREVIEW looks OK then the goddam PDF should look OK too… but it isn’t, it suddenly decides to hide stuff. And yes, I am using the Rhino PDF printer.

So now we need to run a full check on every PDF file we print every darn time, and then go back and fix stuff and print again and check again and so on… It has been reported so many times and this is really difficult to handle as a user, so PLEASE bug track the stuff and fix it so it can be rolled out in a SR asap. PLEASE!

I’ll provide a file directly to a developer if you tell me whom to send it to.

Sorry, we must have missed it. Please send me the file (

Is this the thread you are referring to? If so, I did work on this issue for SR12 and thought it was fixed.

Yup, I that was the last time it was reported.
I’ll send you the file tomorrow, thanks, and I hope you figure it out, because today we realized that another drawing had been shipped with “hidden” important data so I reexported with the latest sr13 build and that stuff still turned out hidden.

Keep in mind that maybe it isn’t the PDF exporter that has the error, as sometimes the draw order when modeling can be a bit strange too (So maybe print preview is just good at mimicking the viewport). Anyways, good luck on the hunt.

Hi Steve, did anything change in the last SR13 build? Today (after yesterdays update) I can not reproduce the draworder bug in that same file that frustrated me yesterday.

Anyway I’ll send you the file so you have it in your system. And I’ll keep on keeping a close look on every production for a while, and then we’ll see if it pops up again. (I hope not! :smiley: )

Nah, I jumped to happiness to fast…
I made a stupid-simple script to test it out a bit and I got a fail on the first go:

I suggest you do to to stress test it. Add in random draw order settings too and you should be able to find most scenarios.

Stupid thing is that when I saved that file and reopened it again then the draw order is different…

So there you go, a big can of worms for ya… Have fun!

image (515 Bytes)

DrawOrderFail.3dm (58.8 KB)

Hi @stevebaer I just made a new print today and after going through the result I see that stuff is still drawn in the wrong order. (Just wanted you to know that it happens in “real life” and not just in the script I posted)

I did fix the bug in the original file that you reported for SR12 so yes things have changed. I filed a new bug report to try and reproduce/fix what you posted in your sample python script at
and will try to look at this soon

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RH-50792 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate

Excellent news, I will keep my eyes on the results though!

Hi, it’s me again…

I have a new file where the last created hatch is drawn on top of the curves when printed, but not in the display:

@stevebaer I send it to you directly.

Hi @stevebaer a new file is coming your way.
Blocks didn’t print with the same draworder as shown in viewport.
(But some did…)
And some curves in another block (the grid file) didn’t show on top.
And some images didn’t print at first go. Had to close and reopen Rhino, then it printed them all.
Sorry for bad news, but try to have fun fixing it though :slight_smile: