Draworder bug again. View and preview is OK but pdf is wrong

Guys, you really need to help us out on this.
Something messes up the draworder on the final PDF creation.

This is a major problem since the preview is fine too so all our senses indicate that everything is ok, but then we have to double check EVERY pdf because we can not trust Rhino… And production and delivery is king, it’s the single most important step that we need to rely on.

Here is the file as well:
DRAWORDER bug 2.3dm (3.9 MB)

Hope it helps and that you can put some resources on it as soon as possible because printing a drawing to PDF and shipping it to the customer should not include the the need to double check the final pdf for possible draw order bugs that are not present in neither the layout nor the print dialog.


Hi Holo!
Are those furniture elements blocks or normal curves? I was experiencing similar issue a few months ago. Always problem with the draw order of blocks laying above - below the hatch…exploding blocks helped…However, I agree, this needs to be fixed soon.


They are blocks.
But that is not the main problem, the most important thing (IMO) is that what you see in the layout and the print preview is what you should get in the pdf too.

Have you tried other PDF printer?

I don’t see a file so can’t test this myself. There were some recent fixes that may have fixed this specific issue in SR12. Unfortunately we had to delay the first SR12 release candidate until next week because we want to make sure a last minute change to SR11 works for everyone.

That said, you are welcome to try today’s SR12 internal build to see if the bug is fixed.

Strange… I waited for the full upload and the preview showed the link but it disappeared.
Now it is edited and re-uploaded.

I’ll check the SR tomorrow!

Good point… here it is with the Adobe PDF printer:

Now the chairs are OK but the vegetation is now behind the floor hatch… :confused:

FYI, I get with Rhino PDF exact same preview and result in Raster mode. In Vector mode it goes wrong.

With Adobe PDF I get what you get, and in Rastermode the elliptic table is gone completely

Damn, you are scaring me! I am going to print my diploma in a couple of weeks…

Good, that way you have a heads up and might get away with the scare-only and not time wasted on re-printing :slight_smile: So as long as you double check the PDF’s then you should be good to go. We deliver PDF’s all the time, I just wish I could trust the print preview and the Layout, that’s all.

Actually, I was struggling with this a couple months ago. I was completely fury. Blocks and groups in combination with hatches were making me totally mad. I agree reliability is very crucial here…

When things go bad remember that you can use ClearDrawOrder, SendToBack etc and also move objects up in space so you force the draw order that way. Blocks sometimes has to be edited to fix draw order too.
Time consuming to say the least so I have high hopes for the upcoming SR12.

Did you get a chance to test with SR12? I’ll be happy to test myself, but if you have already done so then …

Good morning! (it’s 07:34 over here), no I have not tested, have a deadline and a meeting today, so have to focus on that first :slight_smile:

Unfortunatelly, what I remember, Draw order didn’t bring any reasonable solution until I edited the block. And then you feel more like a mine-sweeper :slight_smile: