HELP on this pattern

Hi Guys,
I’m asking you if you already did this pattern and if you can share it to me.
A student is asking help for his thesis and I haven’t the time to think on how to solve this

At least could you give me some advice?


Hello here a lttile help. It seems to be simple Subd-D modelling/Mesh smoothing
For reference it seems from Huawey AM 04
Here an example, need some tweak.

pattern Huawey (15.2 KB)


Thanks Laurent,
I’ll give it a try.

Hi Lauren,
the script is using two non standard component:
Unify Mesh and Multiplication.
Could you tell me where to find them ( which plug-in)?


I think there is a Unify mesh in Weavebird, named Unify Face Winding.

This one must be in Rhino 6, like multiplication.

THANK for the reply.
Your really kind!
Looks like your using a newer V6 than mine (??) also if I’m using the Wip.
When opening GH says you have the 1.005 code while I have only the 1.004.

The screenshot is perfect! I’ll look on it and I’ll do my code.
Really thanks.

Yes it is SR3 version of Rhino you could get it if you choose release candidate in update of Rhino.
I think they add many new mesh tools. Weavebird is part(ially) of grasshopper. For sure many of tools are in Rhinocommon. I use Catmull&Clark subdivision.

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I tried to apply the algorithm in another surface but I couldn’t make the edges closed, is there a way I could just close the edges, I had similar issues earlier with paneling tools too.

The unify you are using is also a native gh component in R6 :grinning: