HELP on this pattern



Hi Guys,
I’m asking you if you already did this pattern and if you can share it to me.
A student is asking help for his thesis and I haven’t the time to think on how to solve this

At least could you give me some advice?


(Laurent Delrieu) #2

Hello here a lttile help. It seems to be simple Subd-D modelling/Mesh smoothing
For reference it seems from Huawey AM 04
Here an example, need some tweak.

pattern Huawey (15.2 KB)

Fadeaway Patterns / Pattern Fade
Creating Concave Sub-surfaces

Thanks Laurent,
I’ll give it a try.


Hi Lauren,
the script is using two non standard component:
Unify Mesh and Multiplication.
Could you tell me where to find them ( which plug-in)?


(Laurent Delrieu) #5

I think there is a Unify mesh in Weavebird, named Unify Face Winding.

This one must be in Rhino 6, like multiplication.


THANK for the reply.
Your really kind!
Looks like your using a newer V6 than mine (??) also if I’m using the Wip.
When opening GH says you have the 1.005 code while I have only the 1.004.

The screenshot is perfect! I’ll look on it and I’ll do my code.
Really thanks.

(Laurent Delrieu) #7

Yes it is SR3 version of Rhino you could get it if you choose release candidate in update of Rhino.
I think they add many new mesh tools. Weavebird is part(ially) of grasshopper. For sure many of tools are in Rhinocommon. I use Catmull&Clark subdivision.