Parametric truss

Hello everybody, I am trying to design a truss of a bridge for a project I have but i am facing some issues with the truss. I have already created the geometry and the cross section i need, but i am kind of stuck to a point. What i have created is as in figure (, and i need to do this part as well, as in figure (truss2.png). any ideas?

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infinitely many.

@lander i would appreciate if you could help me :slight_smile:

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Im not on my laptop so ill give it with texting a try.

Quick and dirty you could achieve that with multiple. This has the problem that you dont have that much control over the geometry.

The more elegant way would probably be.

Create fist a line network. At the intersection points trim the lines at the end so you have an equal distance to the node.

Pipe the lines.

Now the part which probably takes the longest is to build a parametric model around the nodes. I could imagine doing it with splines tangent to the lines that connecting each other and build the surfaces from there. Probably you’ll also need rules for the number of nodes.

Hope that gives you some more ideas how to approach it


The dilemma is still infinity.

Might be just me though.

Maybe @Ryan14 knows some trade secret tricks :money_mouth_face:


O boy!. I might just give this a shot…
Problem is that I don’t have the time to actually do it for you at the moment. But it will be in the works. Looks fun! (Without looking at your folder yet)
All looks pretty simple to me except for the one joint in the top left corner on your top cord… It looks to me that your reveal is longer than on the other ones.
As for the line network. That is a great way to sort out your joint types.
Below is some shots at that that I tried for someone sorting out the types of intersections.

Give me some time to work on it and I will probably come to the same conclusion as @lander :sweat_smile:


Hey @Ryan14 , Thanks for your help. Yeah, the top left corner and also the one on the right side is longer, i could not find a similar plan for that node but is has to be similar are the bottom left and right one (Sth like the pic below)

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:smiley: infinity! :sweat_smile:

I just like pointing out when the degrees of freedom aren’t given enough parameters right away. :joy:

Parametric trusses sounds awesome :sunglasses:


@lander They do yes, but when you are a beginner, it is a nightmare hahaha so i hope your friend might help me :frowning:

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Anyone who might try to help, would need more information – imo.

I surmise you’re desire is to create some of those brackets to put into your assembly?

I haven’t checked out your zip yet. And then to do this parametrically in GH, well this project will definitely require some patience. :beers:

One of the first things I request from aspiring creators of engines, is at the very least a napkin sketch.

Then I ask for GD’s &T’s.

hhmmm I’m seeing somem:

ut oh I see a .gh file :grimacing:





Yeah this will take a while :money_mouth_face:

This image reminded me of this topic:

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Please don’t tell me…

No Kidding! Yeah I might just start from scratch on my end. That pic looks to intimidating.

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@lander @Ryan14 not sure at what point u guys might be at, but if you have any kind of question i will try to make it as clear as possible. was it possible to open the file and visualize the output of what i have done so far?

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Current point I am at is right at the beginning. I opened your file up last night but could not do anything with it because I dont have some of your plugins. (Looked like the pic @lander posted, except with a few more white squares) For reading excel docs I use Pancake Spreadsheet.
Anyways, it would help a lot to know how much detail to add into the truss.
As in what params would you like to control the truss.
Currently I have,
Span, Height, N of spaces, Truss thickness, Web width, Bottom Cord Height, Top cord Height, Outside Web Width, Reveal distance.
Those are the ones on the truss parts.
On the side of the Plates, I assume you would like, Tab Length (For lack of a better word), Fillet Radius, Plate thickness, Bolt Spacing from end of tab, Bolt spacing from each other, Bolt size, and Bolt count.
If I am missing something just let me know.
Some of your params that were not in the works yet were a little confusing to me… Flange width? and some other ones like that.

if you could internalize the data in number params or sliders after your excel and telepathy mods then I could use your original file. After looking at it yesterday I was actually kind of impressed. You kept it pretty clean.

Final thing, The move to point component is literally just a 2point vector plugged into the move component.

That was a long post, hopefully that all made sense.

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not on my end. it looked like a bunch of plugins didn’t load or something…

I’m mostly specialized in having the preference for some napkin sketches at the very least :star_struck: :beers:

I like looking at sketches.

I feel like I need to review my civil engineering and architectural design books though. :sweat_smile: I think those bracket thingamajigs are needing some GD&T sketches :slightly_smiling_face:

Then we should reflect on how RhinoGH can do geometric/dimensional constraints :smiley:

I have alot of learning to do still in that regard. :beers: