Geometry Intersection

I’m trying to create two different conditions as shown in snapshot and was wondering if there’s any better approach for this.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

Truss (3.3 KB)

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Can you elaborate?

Otherwise, you just count the number of incident points

Truss Intersection By Num of (12.2 KB)

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By Intersection Combo.
Truss Intersection By Combination of (18.1 KB)

This is good! I want to have two groups of curves.
Group - 1) Dispatched curve list of Diagonals with vertical intersection condition.
Group -2) Dispatched curve list of diagonals without vertical intersection.

So you dont need the Top or bottom Cord intersections?

Intersections of Diagonals and Verts. but the output should be two different lists of DIAG curves with vertical present at the intersection and one where vert is missing.

Like this?
Truss Intersection By Combination of (17.5 KB)

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