Seeking (paid) grasshopper assistance and/or tutoring

I’m working full time in parametric design as a full time student studying parametric design. I’m in over my head and can’t always take the time to troubleshoot specific problems (wants or needs) for hours on end. I like asking questions on the Grasshopper forum but it’s hit or miss whether or not anyone answers and it’s not like I expect them to do my work for me. It would be great to have a few people I could pitch problems too (aspects of larger projects) and get rough estimates back on time and cost.

It’ll start off with one problem I can’t seem to get around to solving… I have a circle packing project where I need to get circles that don’t always consistently touch, to intersect as polylines/polygons. I have a bridge network of sorts already designed that connects nearby circles whether they are touching or not. I think this could be adapted along with a divide curve or polyline component, with list replacement, maybe point closest point, ect to make something like this happen. The goal is just to cheat my way into using structural analysis in Karamba, where you can assign beams to lines but not curves. It’s important to me to find out when and where I can remove circles in a circle packing structure, and still retain balance.

Also open to alternative suggestions as well, that is just how I would do it. This could be an alternative, maybe.