Matching Two surfaces for trusses| help

Hey guys!

I created two surfaces from a single line (so if you need to define the curve at the beginning of the code, its a line with a length of 9200cm)

anyway, im trying to create some trusses between the final 2 surfaces… but my list dont seem to match one another… ive tried everything i know, reverse lists, flipping stuff, whatever… couldnt put my finger on it.

can you guys and gals try to help?

Thanks. מסבכים.gh (21.1 KB)

Have a look at the attachment.

מסבכים (17.1 KB)


This looks promising, BUT, i was made on grasshopper 1.0 and im still using GH0.9 (rhino 5 sadly)…

any chance something can change? im getting an error and missing components (relay, evaluate srf)


NEVER MIND! i fixed it (i think, cuz it works!!)


ok so this is an excellent solution, except:

this will be actually built. and as a truss, this cant work since the weight distribution is non existing…
the top chord have to be supported by the diagonal members… as seen in the pic.

I don’t think the truss structure works that way.
And there are so many truss tutorials, so please search …
Or, if you use this code well, you can make what you want.

sure. thank you very much :slight_smile: