Parametric Shoe

Hi everyone,
I am trying to adapt a shoe to a foot scan by means of some points. Since I am new to Grasshopper, I would like to know if there are already solutions to this. I am grateful for any tips!

There has been a thread about adapting a cast/splint to a scan of an arm…

This is probably the same principle and looked like a great solution


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Thank you! This could be interesting. But I’m rather looking for a solution that allows me to adapt my finished shoe in certain places to the respective scan with the help of sliders or the like. Shouldn’t be a second skin.

Is your shoe a mesh?

You might be able to push or pull mesh vertices towards or away from the scanned mesh / point cloud?

you would have to isolate mesh points that are within a slider determined range of your scan and then move them.

Its never this simple though!

Perhaps try and recreate your problem in simplistic terms… i.e. a simple shoe mesh and a simple scan mesh (or point cloud) then we can have a go at a solution that you might be able to adapt to your actual model and scans.

That sounds good! So similar I had imagined it, but I do not know how I can isolate the points. Here I have at least the mesh corner points. At the moment I can’t get any further at this point. Since the goal is that the foot scan fits in the shoe / (8.7 KB)
Shoe_Grasshopper.3dm (7.9 MB)

I think you need to carefully describe what you want to do to the shoe mesh to make it fit the scan mesh.

For example… You could simply scale the shoe mesh up until the scan fits inside the shoe. I presume that is way too simple so…

Scale the shoe mesh to encompass the scan then shrink the shoe mesh back to wrap the scan with some constraints, possibly stiffness to simulate how the fabric can bend and form around the scan?

Without putting into words exactly what you are trying to do, it is hard to help.

Looking at your GH file, you have started with a Brep and converted it to a mesh. Instead of doing this you can just used the QuadRemesh component under the Mesh >> Triangulation tab…


This file I’ve attached doesn’t quite get a nice finished result but it might give you some ideas. It looks at what points from the shoe are inside the scan and moves them to the closest point on the scan. You need something smoother though. (20.1 KB)

Thanks for the quick help! That already helps us a lot.
We want to make the shoe from a material that is as stiff as possible. That is, it would be beneficial to stay away from painful areas of the foot. The idea is that measurements such as ball girth, instep measurement and ball width, as well as arch width can be measured from the foot scan and then transferred to the shoe. At the points it would be best to work with sliders to find out what the distance to these should be. Also, the shoe should be about 1 cm longer at the front of the longest toe, but as close as possible to the heel of the scan at the back. The drawing shows the points as well as the measurements on the foot. I hope I was able to make it a little more understandable.