Complex pointcloud to surface

I’m facing a problem with an artwork I need to trim the edges of. The artwork is scanned and made to cloudpoint, where the edges are rough because the object was scanned as styrofoam. I need to trim the edges to make it sharp (see attached picture) and make it to surfaces (or similar). Anybody that can help me with this problem?

You are deeeeeep into the rabbit hole (many entries, no exit on sight). Reverse engineering on that matter is a very complex problem (general case) and is NOT a task for a novice (most notably if he’s not in the coding bandwagon [expert level]).

BTW: It’s questionable if a // BallPivot (requires “even” pts, meaning that for this type of Topology … blah, blah) or various other LIDAR oriented algos could cut the mustard. Of course these days there’s lot’s of high end aps that do things barely believable (used mostly in the defence industry) … but these are a zillion miles far and away from R/GH.

the Mesh Poisson is pretty good, you may want to break out the parts depending on the resolution. To get the edges sharp you will have to SubD and set the edges most likely.

Something along this line could work as well.