Determine shape via parameters

Dear all,

I’m trying to build a last that can be changed in shape by certain points automatically in certain areas. For this I want to select each point individually. I have tried several things and have not yet come to a correct result.
Maybe someone of you has ideas how I can approach here sensibly? I am grateful for any helppcurve_reV2.3dm (4.0 MB) (35.2 KB)

Hi @helenwiehr
I have helped some colleagues with similar work in the past. Although grasshopper can be really helpful, it´s very important to create a clean framework in Rhino first: clean and optimized curves, flat when they need to be flat, 3-dimensional when necessary, correctly aligned when they are going to be used to generate surfaces, etc.

In general, I would try to first draw flat profiles to make sure you are controlling the curve (I noticed your elevation profiles are not flat curves).

And if you mantain your top and bottom curves as flat closed curves, you will be able to close your surface very easily by using _CAP. The resulting model will be ready for manufacturing.

Not sure if you want to recreate the image you posted or attempting to do something different. Regardless, I tried to sketch some ideas for you to consider when creating a good framework for your shoe last.

I hope this helps. Let me know if I´m way off.

Hi @ign24680,
Thank you very much for the sketches. I have already drawn a similar last in rhino, but a few things I have not taken into account, so it helps me a little.
In the second step, I would like to be able to change certain places on the last by measuring the foot, hence the picture with the most important points. I am looking for a way to change the shape of the last by a few points, if this is possible. Maybe someone here has a few ideas about this. that would help me a lot. Thanks in advance.

OK, got you.

  1. I think you still should rely on rhino curves as profiles to feed in gh components as network surface or sweep2. If you want to manipulate the curves, you just add points to the curves in rhino, not in grasshopper.

  2. Since the top and bottom of the last are created with polycurves (curves with clear kinks) instead of flat or smooth curves, I would suggest you still generate the overall surface as I showed in my sketches (but using gh) , then cap it to generate a solid (also in gh, and this will be possible because top and bottom curves are flat) and finally use a command like trim solid (gh) to cut your last with the specific bottom and top profiles you are showing.

  3. Setting up the whole definition in gh but manipulating the curves/profiles just in rhino is ideal because you are combining the best of both worlds: easy curve editing in rhino and instant visual feedback from gh.

I can give it a go later if you need extra help.

last_grasshopper.3dm (4.1 MB) (4.7 KB)
OK, I did it and that’s pretty cool, I think.
The only problem now is that I would like to be able to touch the lines connected. That is, when I edit the contour of the sole in rhino, that the guide curves remain connected as well. Is there a solution for this?
And to make the whole thing reproducible and traceable, it would be practical if I could define the shape with defined specifications, i.e. numbers. Maybe by setting points in grasshopper and editing them with sliders?