Layers Panel Moved and is Locked in Place

Opened Rhino v4 and found Layers Panel moved from right side of the 4 view ports to the top of them below tool bars. Seems to be locked in place and no way to move it back to the right side. It won’t drag like the Properties Panel.

Help please. Thanks

Put your mouse pointer over the two thin double lines on the left end of the docked panel.
Left-click and hold, drag the panel off the edge of the application window.

Hi John

That is normally how it works. Not now. It won’t drag.

Any other ideas?

Hi Rhinoman - If all else fails, try testResetWindowPositions


is that a v4 command?

Do you have your docked windows locked? IIRC, that was an item in the tools menu in V4. --Mitch

Lock Docked Toolbars in the Tools menu is not checked. The Properties Panel on the right moves as normal.

What happens if you just type “Layer”? --Mitch

Hi Mitch

Pops up above 4 viewports as shown in screen shot above. Closed and opened Layers Panel dozens of times. Always comes up in same position. Always locked from dragging. Properties Panel drags as is normal.

Geez, sounds bizarre. I know there is a registry entry for the various window positions that you could probably reset, but as I don’t have V4 installed anymore, I can’t tell you where it would be.


Close Rhino, run Regedit, and try deleting this ley:
HKCU\SOFTWARE\McNeel\Rhinoceros\4.0\Scheme: Default\Window Positions\Docking Windows\Dock bars\2363ed67-616d-4861-9e87-e2f38fe788a5

Restart Rhino As Administrator and the missing key should be replaced with default settings.

That worked John. Thanks