Panelling tools grid on trimmed surface


I’m trying to populate a grid on a trimmed polysurface. Is there yet a way to grid to the trimmed area and not just the untrimmed area?

See attached.grid on trimmed srf.3dm (145.7 KB)


Hi Sach - in Paneling Tools, use ptTrimGrid for this, if I understand what you want…


Thanks Pascal.

Is there a way to maintain the number of rows along the width of the
object. ?

So, not chopping the rows of along theedge?

I guess you can approximate the surface in this case at least, with a new untrimmed one - DupEdge all the way around the trimmed surface, extract one or more isocurves and then NetworkSrf to create a new temporary surface to grid out…


Was trying to avoid that scenario. Would like to be able to use the tool on existing geometry without altering it.

Any other ideas?

Hi Sach,
You can useptGridCurve and ptGridCurve2 command to create grids for polysurfaces using projections.
You will not need to alter any geometry in this case and maintain any number of rows, etc.

Hi Rajaa

Thanks for your response. I can’t seem to get the desired effect -
maintaining the number of rows and columns without them being trimmed. Can
you show how you’d do it?


Sure, How many rows/columns you need?

Doesn’t matter. Could be any. This is just an example. Just trying to figure out the approach so I know how to do it.

Appreciate your help.

Here you go. The file and image show the process.
grid on trimmed (222.4 KB)

Oh I see. That’s great. So you need to create an array of curves then grid them.

Cool. Thanks.

Yes, often time it is much better to panel out of curves, or curves intersections that have to work with trimmed surfaces and polysurfaces. You have much more control. As a matter f fact, many people using PanelingTools specifically to “rebuild” some trimmed polysurfaces into one clean untrimmed NURBS surface (Once create the grid, use ptSurfaceFromGrid*).

Is it possible to make the panel conform to the shape of an underlying surface? A little like using the Rhino flow on surface command ?


Yes, use ptPanel3DCustom which will require you to have an offset grid, an offset surface and a module to pattern already.

Thanks! That’s perfect.

Hi Sach, I’m encountering this problem as well but all the images have broken links and the .zip from Rajaa is 404 not found :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyway you have a definition that worked well for your situation?

Hi, can you sebe me these? I can’t download it.